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The Original Spiral Sliced, Naturally Smoked Honey Glazed Ham

Since 1985, The Honey Glazed Ham Co. Ltd. has served up traditional holiday ham all year round, along with a smorgasbord of home-style sides and decadent desserts. Our quality artisan products are the quintessential comfort food!


Our family-owned and -operated business began when Donald “Big Daddy” White opened shop in Etobicoke more than 30 years ago, and we still operate out of the same location today with the son of “Big Daddy,” Todd “Boss Hog” White, and general manager Foster “the Hambassador” now running the shop. We also have several distributors throughout the GTA and can ship anywhere in Canada!

Let us cater your next family dinner so that you can get a taste of our award-winning food for yourself!

boss hog family

A Message from the “Boss Hog”

Dollar for dollar, a honey glazed ham beats out roast beef or roast turkey on a cost-per-person basis.

“Our hams are no-fuss and no-mess,” says Todd “Boss Hog” White, our VP. “Not only is it a better product because we use superior pork and never freeze it, but our hams are fully cooked and ready for the table. Another undeniable advantage over roast turkey: about 40% of the bird is wasted in the carcass. The bone weight of one of our hams is minimal, and the bone itself makes delicious soup stock, so nothing goes to waste.”

Todd boss hog
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