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Sides and More — Homemade from Our Kitchen to Your Table

At The Honey Glazed Ham Co. Ltd., we believe good food equals gracious hospitality. Big Daddy’s recipes are old family favourites that have stood the test of time, passed down from generation to generation. You’ll swear your own grandma must work in our kitchen!

Sides and Desserts

Everybody could use a little comfort these days, which is the theme for our hearty, satisfying meal accompaniments. From our award-winning pumpkin pie — the best way to end a meal by a unanimous vote — to our popular scalloped potatoes — bathed in a creamy, old cheddar cheese sauce, layered with onions and chunks of our succulent ham — our dishes epitomize comfort food, and also make for great gifts!

Pair our delicious honey glazed ham with any of the following for a five-star meal!

  • Todd’s Almost-Famous pea soup

  • Scalloped potatoes

  • Smoked turkey

  • Potatoes au gratin

  • Aunt Bette’s baked beans

  • Ham & five-cheese quiche

  • Shepherd’s Pie

  • Luella’s candied yams/sweet potatoes

  • Hand-trimmed, thick-sliced bacon

  • mmmMac & cheese

  • Fresh-made salads

  • Pork belly

  • Kielbasa

  • Rosie’s Pumpkin Pie Delite — voted best in the GTA by City Post Magazine

  • Made-to-order sandwiches (in-store only)

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