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For Anyone Who Loves Good Food — Our Hams Are No-Fuss, No-Mess

The Honey Glazed Ham Co. Ltd. allows you to spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen! Come by our shop in Etobicoke, or call ahead to any of our GTA-wide distributors to pick up your ham at their location.

How Much Ham Will You Need?

*Our best guesstimate based on an average serving

Don’t forget that with a honey glazed ham there is virtually no waste since the ham bones make an excellent soup stock! Try our almost-famous pea soup recipe.


Centre-Cut Ham

Having a small gathering? Got a hankering for a good ham dinner, but don’t need a half ham? Go for our centre cuts. We simply take slices off the bone so you don’t have to buy more than you need — and you don’t buy any bone weight. Of course, they’re beautifully glazed just like our half hams, but are as little as two to three pounds, up to however much you need. They store easy in the fridge and are easy to portion for serving.

Smoked turkey

Smoked Turkey

Our smoked turkeys are moist and tender every time. Why spend a whole day in the kitchen roasting a turkey when ours are fully cooked and easy to re-heat in about an hour? Plus, they are low in salt, not pumped full of water and preservatives, and have just enough smoky flavour. Absolutely scrumptious!


Ham and Garlic Kielbasa

You won’t find a tastier kielbasa anywhere! Ours is made from pure ham with none of the bits and parts or by-products you find in commercially produced kielbasa. It's seasoned perfectly with garlic and fresh peppercorns.

pork belly

Pork Belly/Bacon

Our pork belly (forgive the faux pas) and tasty bacon is cured and smoked to our specification, so you won’t be disappointed when you cook it. Unlike commercial bacon, ours doesn’t disappear in the pan because it’s not pumped full of water, salt, or preservatives. We slice it thick so you can enjoy the real flavour of bacon!

Storing and Serving Your Honey Glazed Ham

We use much less salt than most commercially produced hams so we recommend that you enjoy your honey glazed ham within six to eight days.


If you wish to freeze your ham, we recommend that you do so immediately. To thaw, allow for at least 48 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Please note: Freezing your ham for more than 45 days may hamper the taste and texture.

Special Offer

Stop in for the best ham sandwich you can buy!


The moist, tender taste of honey glazed ham is best enjoyed at room temperature. Certainly you can heat it if you prefer, but we caution against over-heating. Like any fine meat, too much heat can dry the ham out and detract from its unique flavour.

Before heating, let the ham reach room temperature and preheat your oven to 275°F. Partially open the wrapper at the top before inserting the ham. Heating time is typically 20 minutes for half a ham, 45 minutes for a larger ham.

For microwave warming, consult your instruction book.

In case you didn’t know, we also offer delicious sides and award-winning desserts!

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